Bru Cru Nitro Coffee Pre-Launch Taster Event

by | Oct 10, 2017

At CC, we’re known for not being quite like any other marketing agency. One of the services we provide that is a little out of the ordinary is that we organise small events.

Mickey’s background in marketing management has seen her organise all kinds of events from trade show stands to manufacturing product launches. “I do love doing events”, she says. “I like the energy and there’s the whole thing of building up to them, making sure everything is in place.

One such occasion took place when we arranged a tasting event for our client BruCru. This was part of the pre-launch campaign for their new Nitro Coffee, 6C Dark.

The event took place in a historic pub in London’s Fitzrovia district. The invitees were a select group of prospects, senior figures from businesses in the hospitality and catering sectors as well as potential distributors.

“Most of the delegates were from London, so it made sense to make the event easily accessible by public transport”, says Mickey. It’s just one stop on the tube and a short walk from Euston Station.

“There was nothing fancy – no music or lasers!”, she laughs. “But it was a well organised event that made the people arriving feel they were part of a privileged group who getting to sample this product before the media or anyone else got to see it”.

“This sort of thing is so important with a new venture – getting the key prospects invested, making them feel part of something. It really helps with building loyalty and keeping them engaged.

“This is what we are always doing at CC when we work on a project – we keep reevaluating it and asking, “Where are the customers or prospects at right now? What can we do to keep them interested?”. When you keep thinking like that and focusing on the clients, it helps you come up with ideas like this”

Do you have a product or a new initiative to launch?

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