A ‘Go To Market’ plan is essential. Here’s an example of a recent one we created.

by | Nov 9, 2018

When you work with CC, you don’t just get a regular marketing agency. Commercial awareness is one of our key strengths and this is reflected in how we work with clients in order to grow sales.

The most important first step in any project is to make sure it is worth undertaking. You can’t do this without first having market knowledge, doing the research and establishing a clear, thought-out strategy.

Here’s an example of one of our latest ‘Go To Market’ planning processes undertaken with a client. Prodose are experts in everything to do with disinfection of water and monitoring and control of water systems – be it for drinking water in buildings, use in food production etc.

In a nutshell, Prodose are special because of their high level of expertise. Not only are they able to supply all the technical equipment and provide practical support: they are able to recommend the very best system for each project because they have specialist knowledge in chemical engineering.

When they got in touch with us, they were wanting to move into new sectors and establish themselves amongst new types of client. They had worked with businesses who do salad and produce washing and wanted more of this, but also aspired to do more with the food-to-go sector.

Another key area into which Prodose wished to gain more business is building services – providing water treatment and monitoring systems for commercial buildings, apartment blocks, stadiums, etc.

This involved both research and strategic planning. Here are the key steps we undertook.

Creating value proposition

Here we defined Prodose as “The Disinfection Experts” and clarified their values, unique proposition etc.



Set out objectives

Worked out exactly who they wanted to approach and why.




Created strategic planning map

Visual representation of the market, sectors, services and how it all fits together. We present this in the form of a ‘mind map’.



Define active sales pipeline

Research and create list of qualified prospects




Competitor analysis

Product pricing — looked at competitor pricing and developed strategy




Industry trends and statistics

We look into what is happening in the industry and related sectors and find information and figures that can be of use in defining priorities and shaping future direction.



Existing and perfect customer profiles

Define ideal client companies in terms of size, sectors served, current situation etc.




Action plan

Bring everything together in an easy to follow plan that can be understood by everyone in the business and marketing team who needs to follow it.




All of the above has been presented in graphical form, with tables, diagrams and mind maps that make it easy for everyone who is invested in the project to focus on what needs to be done and where the business is headed.

If you want to make sure your next project has clarity, direction and focus on results, talk to us. We’ll be pleased to have an initial conversation, where you can decide how much the CC approach can help you.

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